THE SMC GROUP is a distinguished platform poised to capture Value Investment Opportunities:

• Extensive network and track record to identify and originate deal flow of the best investment opportunities.

• Multi-sector expertise, seamless execution and financial and invesment capabilities.

• Our partners have been CEO´s and CFO´s of major corporations and financial institutions in the country.

We have a distinguished track record of managing, investing and developing “world class” companies, creating substantial value to shareholders and investors.

The GROUP has been actively involved in leading industries such as: Financial Services, Agribusiness, Forestry, Pulp and Paper, Telecom, Education, Oil and Gas Equipment, Steel Distribution and Private Equity.

Our objective is to identify carefully selected investment opportunities with prospects to achieve above average risk adjusted return.


Top down - bottom up approach based on extensive industry analysis and due diligence.
We strive for excellence in companies, projects and partners, thereby transforming the competitive landscape with strong fundamentals and leading market position.
Governance and control features in alignment with management allows for the implementation of best in class practices for Value Creating initiatives and Sustainability.
THE SMC GROUP believes that larger transactions offer better access to financing, more transparency, and ability to attract world class management.
Sectors with sufficient attractiveness and critical mass to access the Capital Markets and/or Strategic Investors.